Hello Kelly,

I don’t know if you remember me, I was a Student in your class for Migraine Miracle in February of 2012. My name is David Peter Armentano. I wanted to tell you this amazing Migraine Miracle Story.

Patient, Female, 62 years of age, chronic migraine with ringing in the ears, flickering lights, and intense mood swings. Reported right hemispheric pain in the coronal lateral region of 9/10 and dizziness. Came to see me in June of 2017 and was escorted by her daughter (also chronic Migraine sufferer). After having seen six chiropractors, three neurologists and had numerous massages, her daughter, a client of mine finally convinced her to come see me. After careful assessments of cervical and thoracic musculatures to ensure no obvious signs of entrapment syndromes, I began assessing the best Aroma Therapy Blend(s) for her. She found the Hormonal Blend to be the best, especially when combined with the Stress Blend. After a slow, one hour Migraine Miracle Session, and a ten minute, normalization (rest period before moving) the client expressed an ecstatic cry at her pain, having lasted six month, now being gone.

It has now been over a year since that day and she reported to me in a phone call, she hasn’t had a migraine since. She has begun dancing again and her daughter, age 22 now just got married which, was truly wonderful as they were able to celebrate that day together. In my opinion, a truly happy side effect of this treatment.

I hope you are well and that you are thriving. I thank you for your time, knowledge and the honor of your professional friendship. Blessed Be.


David Peter Armentano LMT, MTI, CE Provider Sacred Grove Healing Massage MT111247, MI3170, CE1858

I received the kit and love it. Also, thanks for the call to let me know when you shipped the kit to me and informing me that I can be added to your website for migraine therapy.

This will work great in my area and be beneficial to so many clients.

Thanks again for all your research and time spent to have these stones available.

Rosemarie Idler - Massage Therapist

Kelly! I took your course in Green Bay, WI (had lunch together!). I had my first cold stone client yesterday. She walked in with one eye nearly closed and came out saying this was the first thing that has worked for her after 11 years of suffering. It was thrilling.

I hope that all is well with you. Thank you for the work you do and a great seminar.

Tami Workentin - Massage Therapist

Hi Kelly,

I received my Migraine Kit last week and did my first Cold Stone Massage today 1/29/2018. My client reported pain at 7/10 at beginning of session. And zero pain at end of session.

Thank you!

Marilyn Calmese - Massage Therapist

Thanks so much!! This purchase is for a client of mine! I took your class in WA at the self care fair! I have loved using my kit! It’s making a difference!

Stephanie G, LMT

I performed the treatment on a regular client of mine and It went really well! She had the beginning of a headache. She walked out of the treatment room tentatively, saying "I feel really good, I don't know how to respond to no pain..." I work primarily with cervical injuries/whiplash, vertigo, TMJ, so this is an amazing treatment to add to our office!

Corey Burgess, WA

Thank you so much Kelly! I'd also like you to know even with one stone missing I did the treatment on my mom and it took away her migraine. We're excited for this new healthy way of living

Kalyn Sides, WA

This was the most amazing treatment ever. I went in with a migraine at a pain level of 6 and left with no pain at all. It’s truly amazing how well this worked. I can’t thank north coast massage enough for all the help and advice to injuries I have had and treating these terrible migraines I experience often.

Shawn Blum Simchon

The treatment is Good, Every time I have a migraine I would use it and it goes away and I feel better, In less time. Thank you

Sara Al Baker

Kelli, I just did my first Migraine Miracle session and it went GREAT! Client loved it! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful massage protocol for those suffering from migraines!

Alicia Lingenfelter

We'll just keep doing what we do! Use the best products for the best results...!! Thank you so much for broadening my career with your migraine miracle and facial toning training! I am forever grateful.

Issy. Massage Therapist

Thank you. I love this product!!!

Sheila B Massage, Therapist

I was privileged to take Kelly's Prenatal and Postpartum Massage class the last 3.5 days (25 hours) in Fayetteville, AR. I learned many new techniques that help support both mommy and baby, during pregnancy and postpartum. Kelly is very knowledgable about how to care for moms at this special time in their lives. She is very caring, and passionate about her work. Kelly is an excellent presenter of her material. She makes class fun, and you walk away feeling confident that you can help expectant mothers feel better, both physically and emotionally during and after their pregnancy.

If you are a massage therapist and provide prenatal massage, I highly recommend taking Kelly's class. Trust me you need this knowledge. I look forward to taking more of Kelly Lott's classes in the future. Thank you Kelly. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Cindy Phelan, LMT, CIMI

I received the kit and love it. Also, thanks for the call to let me know when you shipped the kit to me and informing me that I can be added to your website for migraine therapy.

This will work great in my area and be beneficial to so many clients.

Thanks again for all your research and time spent to have these stones available.


Hello Kelly. Since taking your class, my prenatal clients have loved their sessions. And many of my non prenatal have loved different aspects of the training especially the gluteal work. Thanks again.

C Boothe, AR

I am a practitioner in Houghton Michigan. I took the class from Kelly last March in Illinois. Love the protocol and rave reviews for the product and the face toning protocol. The al di la site is ok to maneuver thru! Some new products can't wait to try them on my clients. Some are starting the monthly maintenance and they love the massage and the products. Thank you Kelly Lott for providing the training so I can make a few of my clients more lovely!

Isabelle M. Curtin

Just have to tell you how happy migraine suffering clients are with Migraine Miracle!!! And I like the feeling I get being able to help them so much!!! Thanks!

Katherine Miculka, Phd., L.M.T.

My client sat up from the table and said "I don't have a headache anymore and I can breathe".

I felt so grateful to help, and it was hard to wait to see if the headache was gone while she rested. Thank you for the training.

Tim Wallace - PRO Practitioner

Love the cold stone set. When I got home, my husband had a migraine. I used the DVD, oils and massage techniques on him, and ther worked wonderfully.

I think the large stones probably put you in a "still" point-Craniosacral term which helps with headaches.

Stacey, TX - HOME User

We love the migraine sets... very beneficial. Thank you.

Summit Healthcare Regional Medical.

Cheryl A. Hunt - PRO User

I have been using the cold stones for over a month now and have been getting some interesting results.

One of my clients came in looking for relief in her sinuses due to allergies. Once the treatment was over she popped in a piece of gum and was overwhelmed by the flavor. She mentioned that she usually can't taste her food with great distinction.

Thank you.

Diane Taylor - PRO Practitioner

I haven't filled out the questionnaire you sent me since I purchased your Migraine Miracle PRO Treatment Kit, andI haven't used it – except on myself!

It does help. What I found very interesting was the aromatherapy blends. I try to smell them before reading about them & found it strange that I could only actually smell one of them. Then I read that you will smell the one causing the headache. Darn it if that wasn't true! I could only smell the Environmental Blend – actually I started carrying this aroma in case a headache came up – just that alone helps to a degree.

That is my story. Thanks again, Kelly!

Roxanne - PRO Practitioner & HOME user

I took your Migraine Miracle instructional class in June. I wanted to tell you it is, by far, the BEST investment I have ever made in my life. I went from June 24th to the next Friday with absolutely NO headache. I was your guinea pig in the class, and I now know my migraines are directly tied into my job :(

Thanks so much for all of your help in getting rid of these stupid migraines. You will never know how much it changed my life.

Kyla - Migraine Miracle Client

25 years ago I was struck by lightning, and have suffered from chronic pressure headaches in the back of my head ever since. You can’t imagine how difficult it can be, suffering with a pain of Level 4 every day, and having to work to alleviate everyone else's pain.

I had been told for years that the potassium that had been concentrated and electroplated to my bones by the lightning strike would always be a source of pain as my nervous system would be mildly shocking my bones constantly. I don't think the doctors actually know why I was hurting.

I attended a Migraine Miracle training class to continue my Massage Education, and as part of the class I received a treatment from Kelly Lott. Well, to my own amazement I have had no pain ever since. It has definitely improved my ability to help my clients and the quality of my life. Thanks Kelly!

You are truly a miracle of your own. Blessed be.

David Armentano - PRO Practitioner & HOME User

Initially, I was very skeptical of this treatment. And even though I immediately I felt better... I was still skeptical as to whether my migraine headache would actually go away.

However, 30 minutes later, my migraine pain was completely gone! I was absolutely flabbergasted! I LOVE the Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy!

Cherie H. Burleson, TX - HOME User

The treatment helped clear my head and relieve the sinus pressure. I felt more alert.

Janis T. Burleson, TX - HOME User

In the past I have used heat instead of ice for my sinus congestion – but that never worked. I was kind of nervous to try the Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy.

However, by the end of the treatment, I experienced 75% relief from my sinus congestion that I had suffered with for 3 days. My ears popped several times and my nose was dripping...releasing the trapped fluid. I loved it!

I would like to do it again.

Sherry R, TX - HOME User

While I have only been a licensed massage therapist since November 2009, I have been a headache sufferer since I was nine years old. It was January 1996 and I was nine years old when I had a horrific bike accident that changed my life forever. Not only did I suffer from a concussion, knocked out my four permanent front teeth, spent 3 and half hours in the operating room resulting in over 300 hundred stitches and acquired minor brain damage, but from that day forth I would live with a constant headache.

At times the headache was minor and more of a lingering dull pain that could be ignored. But at other times, it would be debilitating. These times the headache would escalate into a migraine that could not be relieved with any sort of medication. My doctors, neurologists, and even my mother tried everything to ease my pain when the headaches got to this point of severity. Regardless of what we tried, I woke up every day with at least a dull minor headache and had the severe migraine style headaches anywhere between 5 to 10 times a month. This went on for 15 years!

Finally, I had given up trying the conventional headache treatments and after becoming a LMT myself, I signed up for the Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy headache workshop at the National Massage Conference. After learning all the specialized facial strokes and where and how to place each of the cold marble stones, I practiced performing the treatment as a whole on my massage partner. At the time, my partner could not handle the intensely cold stones on her face for too long and I began to doubt whether or not I would be able to handle them and if they would truly help or not. Then it was my turn to receive. I was nervous since I was having a fairly severe headache that day. It wasn't one of my worst headaches but it was severe enough that the pain was hindering my ability to stay focused, grounded, and on task.

As I laid down, I said to myself, have an open mind and relax, reminding myself that the treatment couldn't make me feel any worse and modern medicine hadn't helped my headaches anyway. As my massage partner began the treatment on me, it felt amazing. The stones could have even been colder. The quickness of the pain relief actually started to make me ill and I nearly lost my lunch. But as the treatment continued my body's response was less intense and more and more pain release.

After the teaching seminar was over, I shared my past headache misery with some of the attendees, and decided that the treatment had felt so amazing that I would keep it up by using the stones and techniques on myself. Since then I have used the cold stones and facial strokes on myself about once every other or every 2 days and I have been headache free for over 2 months! I have only had to take pain killers once, and it was to bring a fever down and not for a headache. Even if I recently used the stones, the moment I start to feel a headache coming on, I get them out and use them and stop the headache in its tracks!

My life has been changed by a few cold marble stones, some easy facial/neck strokes, and a woman who cared enough to find a way to relieve headache pain without medication. For that, I am immensely grateful and always in debt to Kelly Lott and her Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy!

Crista T, KY - PRO Practitioner & HOME User

I just wanted to pass along a cool testimonial of sorts (no pun intended)... I have a client who has seasonal allergies, but instead of the typical sniffles and sneezes he develops trigeminal neuralgia from the inflammation of his sinuses. This is the 3rd year he has been battling this lovely seasonal head pain since moving back to the area.

I placed the Migraine Miracle cold stones as if I had already done the full treatment, and just massaged his arms and hands for about 10 minutes while we both remained silent.

I really wasn't sure how he would feel about the treatment, but as soon as I took the stones off he said, "Wow, my headache is gone. It is such a strange sensory experience but the headache is completely gone."

He had resigned himself to using prescription narcotic pain relievers during allergy season so that he could sleep and then he would just live with the head pain throughout the day.

Pretty awesome -- thanks so much!

Shawna Hunt - PRO Practitioner

I so enjoyed your cold stone class last week! I used it Saturday on a friend with a sinus infection who is on antibiotics, and before I was even done with the treatment, he was already draining!! Last summer I had the ideas of cold stone massage and even tried it, but you went so much further with the stones, they make all the difference in the world.

Thanks again.

Brenda Lago - PRO Practitioner

Recently I had a lady come in who had her headache (occipital) for 4 days and had seen her doc twice, so called me. She had not heard of cold stones. She left a believer, and it hasn'€™t come back.

P.S. Had a new person use a hot stone gift cert. today that had never had a massage of any kind. She came in with her sinuses flaring, so I suggested we trade the hot stone for the cold stone. She said within 2 minutes of starting the treatment, she was breathing. I so love those things!

Becky Lockwood - PRO Practitioner

I have had great success with the Cold Stone Migraine Therapy!

One memorable client was Sherri G. She normally had a three day occasion with migraines, but after one day of taking her medication for migraines, she came to see me for a treatment session. She felt immediately different! Usually it would travel up her left side of neck on the first day, park in her head on the second day and travel down her right side as it was leaving.

After treatment, Sherri did not have to take her medication the second day, and it wasn't as severe. By the third day, the migraine was gone! She went to work telling all her co-workers about her Licensed Massage Therapist and the Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Migraine Therapy!

I have a real passion for those that suffer with migraines. I used to suffer from them myself and have found self-massage to work wonders. I am currently working in a spa that doesn't offer this service but I do Mobile massages that offer this treatment. I would love to be listed on your Migraine Miracle directory of qualified practitioners!

Thank you!

Melanie Arnold, GA - PRO Practitioner

Hi Kelly

I hope this email finds you doing well! I am a massage therapist and I've been using your Migraine Miracle in my practice. The few people I have worked on say it works great! In the midst of a migraine it took one woman from an 8 on the pain scale to a 3. :)

Best Regards.

Araina Linton

Wonderful product!! I've watched the video several times and practiced the cold stone progression. It works famously! I am a certified pre and post pregnancy massage therapist and a medical massage practitioner working closely with a chiropractor in a small boutique clinic. Thank you for your good work!

Jill B.

I just wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Grafton, WI to teach all of us about your wonderful and amazing class on migraines.

I have been looking for an answer since I was 14 years old!! This is truly a blessing and I whole-heartily intend to share it with as many clients as possible and to use it for myself. I'm so excited to know that I can help people who suffer so they don't have to go through the years of pain that I did. I've searched and researched for so many years. Some things help, some don't. I believe this is the answer to my prayers.

Donna R, WI

I’ve provided an hour migraine/energy treatment to a child with a rare condition called “Red Ear Syndrome”. It is an idiopathic condition that some say could be related to migraine. The child had 7 out of 10 for pain and debilitating nausea for several weeks before seeing me. After the first treatment, her pain went down to a 5 and that evening after the treatment, her nausea went away never to return. I saw her a second time 2 weeks later and her pain is now down to a 4.

Janet Lambert Smith, LMT

Just wanted to send off a quick note to let you know I did my first treatment and it was a huge success!!! She said she will be telling more people about it :) I have another one next week already too.

I have a wonderful feeling about your Migraine Miracle treatments and that I will be able to use it to help many, many people. So grateful for YOU!


Thanks Kelly! Not only for such a great class but curing me! I'm a believer. The testimonial girl!! Amazing. Thanks again!

Sara Landreth

I took your class at the Indiana AMTA conference. I really enjoyed the class. Also, I am the type of person who has to practice before I can charge clients, just for my own confidence. Having said that, I contacted some of my friends through Facebook, asking for volunteers. Of course, I received several responses.

So today I had a friend who has been suffering with a migraine since last Friday. When she arrived at my house I could tell that she was in pain. So we talked and then went into the treatment room. I preformed the Migraine Miracle treatment.

As I assisted her up from from her laying position, I asked how she was feeling. She said "It's GONE!”. She was so excited. And so was I . She said that she hasn't felt this good in some time.

I just wanted to thank you for perfecting this method and treatment, and having other massage therapists learn it from you. I am really excited to use it more and more. Again THANKS !!

Kelly McKinney - PRO Practitioner

I recently purchased the Migraine Miracle Kit after reading a magazine article, and decided to purchase after hearing multiple complaints within one week of allergy/pollen-related headaches from co-workers and clients.

I think the combination of pressure points, aromatherapy, and cold stone facial techniques is brilliant! I've practiced the routine as seen on the DVD with varying intensities of headaches, as well as one stress-related migraine, and it's received rave reviews.

Cherlyn Houha, NJ - PRO Practitioner

Just have to share my first treatment experience with you. I’ve been talking about your Migraine Miracle with my Facebook friends and it has created some excitement. I see great potential in the addition of your method to my menu of services.

Thank you for all the hard work you have done to develop this product and protocol. As LMTs, we always wish to help transport our clients away from their suffering. I feel this takes my practice to the next level. My deepest appreciation.

Karen Martin - PRO Practitioner

Your Migraine Miracle has done it again. Patient: female 62 years of age, with Maxillary and Frontal sinus pain of 8, left temporal pain of 7 with radiating pain into occipital region of 7. Treatment included Shiatsu massage of Occipital attachments then Migraine Miracle treatment for one hour.

I used your Hormone Balancing Blend oil with this client, and I added a marble cervical roll to the treatment while I was working on her feet after the treatment was done. After the treatment the patient reported that her pain had reduced significantly on all counts. Her frontal and maxillary sinuses were decongested and pain free and her temporal pain had reduced to a 1 with no radiating symptoms. Overall she stated that her pain was so much better that she felt she could go to her grand-daughter's wedding that evening and dance with her husband. She was so thankful that she felt she had to get her daughter and grand-daughter in same day or day after so they could feel the relief of their own pains. She also took several Migraine Miracle brochures to give to her bingo and bridge groups.

With so many treatment successes from Migraine Miracle, I sincerely hope that your treatment goes mainstream for headache treatments because it is such a wonderfully successful system that is purely holistic and cost effective. Many patients have reported that they have not had as many, if any, recurring migraines. They have had few or none, I should say.

Your work and contribution to the holistic medical field is truly great and one to be recorded into the pages of alternative medical history. I can't thank you enough for the honor of having the experience of learning from you and being able to share your method to my clients. Thank you so much for your time, effort, and most of all your love for our profession.


David Armentano - PRO Practitioner

I am enjoying the Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy very much. I have a few regular clients right now, and several have experienced significant improvement both in the severity and the frequency of their chronic headaches.

They look forward to their session knowing that they will always enjoy the session itself, and also feel relieved of tension and pain when they leave.

It is also a pleasant massage for me to give because I can relax and enjoy the quiet and peace just as much as the client. It will continue to be a significant part of my practice as I strive to give my clients what will benefit them the most.

Thank you for sharing this revolutionary technique with me!

Tracy H, IL - PRO Practitioner

The Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy seminar was amazing. This was the first massage convention I have attended, I came hoping to be inspired. I have only been doing massage for two years, and for whatever reason, started questioning my abilities.

Seeing your passion has energized me. I am going to take this new tool Migraine Miracle and run!! You are amazing! I wish many blessings for you and safe travels. Thank you so much!!!

Janet Thompson - PRO Practitioner

I have done the Kelly Lott Migraine Miracle method for 4 months and have done the treatment on a handful of people. They have all been so impressed with the results that they have told their friends and it has been growing quickly.

The best and most satisfying result for me has been on a police officer who had a headache for over a month, due to his stressful job. His wife made his appointment with me, and he came in very skeptical, but left with a smile on his face!

Colleen Colburn, NV - PRO Practitioner

I finally got a patient in needing migraine treatment. She had been suffering with a headache for over a month, and had been to doctors and chiropractors, who all came up with nothing.

The patient gave the Migraine Miracle method a try, and the next day I did a follow up call, and the patient said she hasn't felt that good in over a month! I have her coming in next week too!

Mandy P, IL - PRO Practitioner

I took the teaching seminar class at Health Touch School of Massage in Wassau WI. I requested some brochures, however now I am out of them. Please send more. I have had very positive feedback from the clients I have used this treatment on. They have all said that their migraines were gone by the time the session was over! Thanks for the new treatment.

Sue Steinhilber, WI - PRO Practitioner

I do use cold stones in my massage business… and when I see clients list "headaches" on their intake sheet, I rub my hands together and say "I can use my stones today".

I don’t have ice available where my massage room is, so I keep them in the refrigerator all the time, and incorporate them into my massage on the forehead, occipitals and behind the ears… clients are surprised how relaxing they are (especially when I have told them in advance that I am using "cold stones" vs. hot stones which they are more used to).

Barbara O, IL - PRO Practitioner

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say many thanks!!! I recently attended a Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy class, and I had a wonderful time; you are indeed an awesome instructor who gets to the core of teaching.

WOW! I have had the wonderful privilege of performing this effective therapy, and it works!! My clients are so thankful for the therapy – it really indeed works… finally true relief.

Becky Jackson - PRO Practitioner

My client came in yesterday on Day 2 of her migraine. She said it wasn't as intense as the day before, but enough to be problematic. I asked if all her migraines were fibromyalgia related and she said she wasn't sure. (She's had migraines for many years before her official fibromyalgia diagnosis.)

She is exposed to many allergens and particles throughout the day because there is heavy construction/development where she works. I had her smell each of the Migraine Miracle Aromatherapy blends, and she picked the Stress blend.

At the end of the treatment I asked her how she was feeling. She said her pain was gone! I asked her on a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being excruciating pain), if you were a 10 before the treatment, what number are you now? Her answer: a zero. Rock on!

Diane Taylor - PRO Practitioner

I scheduled a treatment with my massage therapist David Armentano, he administered Kelly Lott's Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy treatment, and it really helped.

I have suffered with migraines for years and the pills, x-rays, CT scans and doctors were no help.

My pain went from a 7/10 to a 0/10. The best 65 dollar massage treatment I could ever spend. Thanks!

Lisa - PRO Client

Thank you again for a wonderful seminar. It’s already working! My last scheduled client came in last night on Day 3 of a severe migraine. I asked her if she wanted to try the Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Therapy. She said "anything".

Since I wasn’t set up yet and we were already in session I started by wrapping her feet and putting a cold cloth over her eyes while I set up. I didn’t have a ice bowl setup yet — heck I hadn’t even shown them to our boss yet.

Not having ice or a bowl I put the stones in between two ice packs which had been in the freezer all day so that was a plus. This method seems to work pretty well. The stones are not as cold but they are not messy either. I had a bowl with a pack and water in it for the face cloth.

She walked out migraine free! Wow.

Hetty, IL - PRO Practitioner

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practitioner, I see all kinds of pain and injuries but, recently I had a client whose situation just really tugged on my heart. An 81 year old woman who had suffered with chronic cluster migraines since an automotive accident fifty-one years ago.

Cluster migraines are migraines that have been so painful that the neck and shoulders are tightening and hurting as a result. Thereby, the pain is equally or near equally high in the neck, shoulders and back. As you can imagine, her pain was very long term and had become a part of her daily life.

She had seen many massage therapists and doctors, chiropractors and a large number of specialists. Pills were the recurring answer. When she came to see me, her pain was very close to a 10 on the classic pain scale.

I suggested that she try the Migraine Miracle treatment and she said, "if it even has a slight chance of helping, I'll take it". I administered the treatment, repeating many of the steps for about an hour and then let her rest for about ten minutes with a cold cloth on her face. When I returned I removed the cloth, helped her to her feet and to her amazement, there was almost no pain. Her pain had dropped from a near 10 to a 1. She was so happy that she cried.

It just hurts my heart to see someone suffering with pain for that length of time with little or no relief, and to be able to nearly eliminate for my clients is truly a joy.

Thank you for creating such a "Miracle" of a treatment.

David Armentano - PRO Practitioner

Hi Miss Kelly,


My client came in Tuesday for the migraine treatment and it went wonderfully. She had a headache that morning but it had mostly subsided. We went ahead with the treatment. You can always see her pain in her face. However, when the treatment was over and she came out she had a glow on her face and she said she felt good and very relaxed. I waited to hear from her the next day to see how the rest of her day went. She texted me and said that she was feeling good and still no headache. She said that they had a bad storm the night before but she didn't even get a headache then and was still headache free. She has rescheduled with me for another treatment next week. This was and is a miracle for her. She is anxious to see if this will be what actually brings her headaches under control. I have no doubt that it will. A million thanks to you and your product. I am more excited than ever about this now!


Much gratitude,
Kim Corum

Hi Kelly,

We met at the Face and Body Show in San Jose. I am a migraine sufferer and my husband and I were blown away by your product. We bought a couple of kits at the show and he gave me a treatment when I was suffering from a migraine and I couldn't believe how well it worked. All of our massage therapists could instantly see a difference in me and we are so excited to be offering your treatment! We do have questions about how to advertise this service.

Can we call it the Migraine Miracle on our service list?
Do you have any downloadable literature or images that we may be able to use for advertisement purposes?

It was such a pleasure meeting you and your class was great! I wish it could have been a little bit longer, I could have listened to you all day!

Thank you so much!
Brittany Kennedy
The Spa at EuroSpa & Inn
Calistoga, CA 94515

Hi Mrs. Lott,

I purchased the cold stone therapy from you last year in February and have had wonderful results with it!

When I purchased it, I had one particular client who was suffering from headaches and migraines on a weekly basis. Little by little her pain was easing up and today she came in and upon looking at her chart, she hadn't had a headache in over 4 months!!!

She loved the initial cold stone therapy and while we don't do that now ( no need of course) she spoke highly of it and the first year we did a cold stone treatment about twice a month.

Really a great added feature to my massage sessions for my headache/migraine sufferers!

Thank you again,
Tiahna Mebane