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Pregnancy and Labor/Post-Partum Massage in Green Bay WI

10 months ago

Blue Sky School of Professional Massage

2670 South Ashland Ave. #101

Green Bay, WI 53024




Pregnancy Massage 8 hours/CEU's

Learn how to help a pregnant woman have a safe and happy pregnancy with massage!

Course Content

°Contraindications and precautions

Anatomical changes in the pregnant woman

Massaging safely and confidently with pregnant clientele

How to assist pregnant clients safely on and off the massage table

Massaging in Semi-Recline and Side-lying positions

Causes and treatment for: sciatic pain, round ligament pain, low back and pelvis, natural labor induction, rib constriction and calf cramps.

Demonstration and hands on practice

Workshop includes handouts, pregnancy massage release form and certificates of attendance

Labor and Post-Partum Massage 6 hours/CEU's

First Half:

Learn the benefits, contraindications and practice effective massage techniques for women “after” the baby has come; such as tightening and toning of rectus abdominis, quadratus lumborum, and deep sacrum release.

Second half:

Learn how to be a “Birth Assistant” through massage. Benefits of labor support massage, helpful hints, do’s and don’ts, and birth massage supplies will be discussed. Hands on practice of positioning and massage for the hospital bed, birth ball, and chair.

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By The Numbers: Estrogen, Hormones and How They Can Trigger Migraines

10 months ago

By The Numbers: Estrogen, Hormones and How They Can Trigger Migraines

Did you know that menstrual migraine attacks occur up to 2 days before and 3 days after your period begins? It’s usually more severe, but more easily treated with hormone balancing essential oils than other types of migraines.· Approximately 70% of all women who get migraines can predict the onset of a headache around their cycle.

More than half of these women also have migraines at other times of the month.

In the same woman, attacks of menstrual migraine may differ from their other attacks in duration, severity, symptoms, and response to treatment. Estrogen alone is not the culprit. Hormonal fluctuations, and especially estrogen withdrawal, are thought to trigger the attack.

The whole menstrual cycle, not just your period, is associated with biological changes in your body, both physical and psychological. Sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and the physical and chemical processes that go towards producing them, all have a widespread effect on your body.

Some women are more sensitive to the fluctuations within the menstrual cycle. Studies suggest that migraines can be triggered by a drop in estrogen levels such as those which naturally occur in the time just before your period. Factors such as the release of prostaglandin (a naturally occurring fatty acid that acts in a similar way to a hormone) may also be implicated at this time.

Estrogen is often referred to as the growing hormone because of its role in the body.

Estrogen is responsible for growing and maturing the uterine lining. It matures the egg prior to ovulation. Estrogen is produced mostly by the ovaries but also in smaller amounts by the adrenal glands and in fat tissue. It is most abundant in the first half of the menstrual cycle.

If you are prone to menstrual migraines, you may experience them worsening the years before menopause (perimenopause). This manifests itself with intense hormonal fluctuations. Luckily the prevalence and intensity of migraine decrease exponentially during menopause, when menstruation ceases, and hormones cease functioning. Some 67% of sufferers experience a significant decrease during this time. Symptom improvement is dramatic for women who go through natural menopause versus surgical menopause.

If you experience menstrual migraines, the Migraine Miracle Home Care Kit with Hormone Balance essential oils can be the answer to your prayers. Kick migraines to the curb and regain your life!

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Pregnancy Massage Certification Lubbock Texas

10 months ago


Oceans Massage and Spa

12420 Quaker

Lubbock, TX. 79424


21 hours/9-5 each day

$400 tuition

Learn the safe, effective techniques that women need for a happy, healthy pregnancy!

In this workshop, students will learn:

  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Anatomical changes in the pregnant woman
  • Massaging safely and confidently with pregnant clientele
  • Basic and advanced techniques for all the pre-natal stages
  • How to assist pregnant clients safely on and off the massage table
  • Massaging in Semi-Recline and Side-lying positions
  • Causes and treatment for: sciatic pain, round ligament pain, low back and pelvis, rib constriction, calf cramps and much more.
  • Demonstration and hands on practice
  • Completion of total number of required hours and passing of both written and practical exams results in award of certification.

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Natural Treatment for Migraine Headaches

1 years ago

Avoid Holiday Stress Migraines

1 years ago

How to avoid migraines during the holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time of year but in between in-law visits, long lines at the stores and the additional stress - let’s face it, the holidays can be a little less jolly at times. This can be especially true for those who suffer from migraines.

So how can you avoid migraines and their triggers especially during the holidays? Follow these 4 tips:

Plan: By creating a plan you’ll stay organized and stave of stress. Make a list of everyone you need to shop for, grocery lists, pack or cook. If you are traveling allow yourself extra time for additional traffic on the roads and more individuals at the airport.

Eat: With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to skip meals, but don’t. Empty stomachs can trigger a migraine and no one wants that. If you are unable to stick to your normal eating schedule, we recommend packing snacks in your purse, bag or car. Avoid foods that trigger your migraines, such as processed foods, wine and ripe cheeses.

Limit exposure: We recommend limiting exposure to cigarette smoke, barbeque smoke and perfume filled rooms. Most often these are huge migraine triggers and most often can be avoided or exposure reduced greatly.

Shopping: Longer than normal checkout lines, loud stores, warm coats - you name it, shopping this time of year can give the most seasoned shopper a bad migraine. Try shopping early when the stores are less crowded or even online shopping. Either one should help ward off a tension headache.

These four tips can greatly help reduce migraines during the holiday season. If you still find yourself getting migraines, give yourself the gift of migraine free days with the Migraine Miracle Home Care Kit.

Seasonal Changes and Migraines

1 years ago

Migraines and Seasonal Changes

We celebrated the first day of fall last week, but some migraineurs may have not celebrated the changing of the season like many others.

For some, weather changes can wreak havoc on their bodies causing an imbalance in brain chemicals, which can be a migraine trigger for some. Weather related triggers can worsen a migraine caused by other triggers.

Weather related triggers can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Barometric pressure changes
  2. Dry air
  3. High humidity levels
  4. Bright sunlight
  5. High winds
  6. Stormy weather
  7. Extreme cold or heat

You may not be able to control the weather, but there are things you can do to help stave of a migraine during seasonal changes.

  1. Keep a Migraine Journal. For more tips on what a migraine journal is and how to keep one, check out my blog post for more.
  2. Stay ahead of the weather. Monitor coming weather changes so you can be one step ahead of your migraine triggers. For example, if you know it’s going to be a windy day tomorrow, try to plan ahead to be indoors as much as possible.
  3. Use your Migraine Miracle kit. If you feel a migraine coming on have your Migraine Miracle kit on hand to relieve the oncoming migraine. The Migraine Miracle® healing method for weather changes, use the Environment Blend along with the cold stone therapy, as well as pressure point massage. This method provides a renewed sense of balance and harmony along with dramatic relief from migraine headaches without the use of prescription drugs.

For more information on migraines and Kelly Lott’s Migraine Miracle® visit my website and feel free to make a comment on this blog post if you have any questions.

Warm Weather Migraines

1 years ago

Warm Weather and How It Can Trigger a Migraine

The dog days of summer are upon us, well at least in most of the country. With weather topping over the 100 degree mark, many migraine sufferers may be seeing an increase of migraine days. Why is this?

How does warm weather trigger migraines?

Atmospheric changes along with changing weather patterns can easily cause havoc for a chronic migraineur. Add in high levels of humidity and the sun's glare, and you have the perfect storm to bring on a heat induced migraine.

What are the symptoms of a heat induced migraine?

As with any type of migraine, symptoms can vary from person to person.

  • Throbbing, dull sensation around your temples or the back of your neck
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Extreme thirst
  • Sensitivity to light

How can you prevent a migraine when it’s hot?

You may not be able to control the weather but you can lower your risk for an attack. Follow these tips to help stave off a heat induced migraine.

  1. Watch the weather

If you stay one step ahead of the weather and see a temperature rise on its way, adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier and air conditioning setting.

2. Increase your water intake

Staying properly hydrated is a must, not just in the summer heat. Drink liquids regularly - the more the better. Also, be sure not to consume drinks that promote dehydration, such as caffeine and alcohol.

3. Stay cool

Be extra diligent to not get overheated. If you feel yourself becoming too warm take a break. Use a damp cloth and drape it around your neck. You can also use the Migraine Miracle cold marble stones on your head or body. Keeping them in the refrigerator will be at 36 degrees, perfect for reducing the inflammation and pain. You can apply the stones to your head, neck, face, chest (at your clavicle (collarbone) is a great place for relief. Also at your wrists (pulse points), crook of your arms, behind the knees and in between your toes! All these areas are good places to help relieve pain.

Use Migraine Miracle

Should you unfortunately get a heat induced migraine, be sure you have a Migraine Miracle Home Care Kit on hand to naturally and effectively relieve your migraine.

Headache 360 Podcast Interview

1 years ago

So grateful for a wonderful invitation to be interviewed by Dr. Adam Lowenstein for his Headache 360 show. Thank you!



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Migraines-what type

1 years ago

Migraines - What type do you have?

When most people hear the word migraine, they think of a severe, very painful headache. What they may not know is that there are many different types of migraines, all having different symptoms. So how do you know which one you suffer from?

Let’s breakdown a few of the most common types of migraines.

Migraine without Aura

Migraine without aura is the most common type of migraine, and often is associated with a woman's menstrual cycle. Typically, people with this type of migraine have more frequent attacks and migraine attacks are more disabling than those who have migraine with aura. The symptoms range from pulsing or throbbing pain on one side of the head, pain that is worsened by physical activity, along with nausea and vomiting.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are one of the most severe types of pain that a human can experience. With cluster headaches, you may feel a burning pain around and above your eyes, at your temples, and even moving toward the back of your head. You’ll often also get red or swollen eyes, among other symptoms. Because they occur in such a large area and may provoke other symptoms, cluster headaches can be the most irritating type headache experienced and most suffered by men.

Hemiplegic Migraine

If you have ever had a migraine that felt more like a stroke, it could possibly be a Hemiplegic Migraine. Those who experience this type of migraine develop weakness on one side of the body, often with visual aura symptoms and a “pins and needles” sensation on one side of the body. It can last for as little as a few hours to several days. Similar to typical aura without headache, Hemiplegic Migraine doesn’t always include the severe head pain.

There are over 9 common migraines, these three being the most common experienced. Whether you suffer from Cluster Headaches, a Hemiplegic Migraine or the most common, Migraine without Aura - Migraine Miracle is here to help!

Migraine Miracle uses Cold Stone Therapy and Aromatherapy to reduce, if not eliminate Migraines all-together. The inhalation of essential oils stimulates the brain’s limbic system. As a result, the brain releases chemicals, causing you to feel better. Performing specific pressure point massage in conjunction with aromatherapy may result in relaxation and have a calming effect.

For more information on Migraine Micale and why it works visit our website.

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Benefit of Aromatherapy

2 years ago

The Benefit of Aromatherapy for Migraines

There is a big difference between Migraines and a “regular” headache. The intensity, duration, and the strength of the pain as well as the side effects differentiates the two.

If you are a migraine sufferer, you like many others have searched high and low for relief, most likely to no avail. Migraine Miracle was developed to help those who suffer, find natural relief once and for all.

How is aromatherapy used to alleviate Migraines?

Aromatherapy is an ancient art and science of applying essential oils to the body to promote health and harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.

Ancient cultures, dating back nearly 6,000 years, used essential oils for healing, therapy, and hygiene, as well as for spiritual and ritualistic purposes.

How it Works

Without realizing it, one of your favorite nostalgic memories is probably linked to aromatherapy. The smell of cookies baking in Grandma’s kitchen is an example. Your childhood memory induces the happiness, comfort and love you felt then. That is the principle behind aromatherapy.

The inhalation of essentials oils stimulates the brain’s limbic system, which is involved in the formation of long-term memory, and is closely associated with the olfactory structures that have to do with the sense of smell. As a result, the brain releases chemicals, causing you to feel better. Performing specific pressure point massage in conjunction with aromatherapy may result in relaxation and have a calming effect.

Our Four Proprietary Essential Oil Blends

Kelly Lott’s Migraine Miracle® includes four custom blends of essential oils for the four most common headache triggers. Our proprietary blends – Food, Environment, Stress, and Hormone – were created by a Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist and Blender. Only therapeutic-grade essential oils – pure plant energy derived from herbs and plants that have been personally grown and harvested by our supplier – are used in our essential oil blends.

For more information on how Migraine Miracle utilizes the healing qualities of aromatherapy visit our website.