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Pregnancy and Labor/Post-Partum Massage in Green Bay WI

10 months ago

Blue Sky School of Professional Massage

2670 South Ashland Ave. #101

Green Bay, WI 53024




Pregnancy Massage 8 hours/CEU's

Learn how to help a pregnant woman have a safe and happy pregnancy with massage!

Course Content

°Contraindications and precautions

Anatomical changes in the pregnant woman

Massaging safely and confidently with pregnant clientele

How to assist pregnant clients safely on and off the massage table

Massaging in Semi-Recline and Side-lying positions

Causes and treatment for: sciatic pain, round ligament pain, low back and pelvis, natural labor induction, rib constriction and calf cramps.

Demonstration and hands on practice

Workshop includes handouts, pregnancy massage release form and certificates of attendance

Labor and Post-Partum Massage 6 hours/CEU's

First Half:

Learn the benefits, contraindications and practice effective massage techniques for women “after” the baby has come; such as tightening and toning of rectus abdominis, quadratus lumborum, and deep sacrum release.

Second half:

Learn how to be a “Birth Assistant” through massage. Benefits of labor support massage, helpful hints, do’s and don’ts, and birth massage supplies will be discussed. Hands on practice of positioning and massage for the hospital bed, birth ball, and chair.

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By The Numbers: Estrogen, Hormones and How They Can Trigger Migraines

10 months ago

By The Numbers: Estrogen, Hormones and How They Can Trigger Migraines

Did you know that menstrual migraine attacks occur up to 2 days before and 3 days after your period begins? It’s usually more severe, but more easily treated with hormone balancing essential oils than other types of migraines.· Approximately 70% of all women who get migraines can predict the onset of a headache around their cycle.

More than half of these women also have migraines at other times of the month.

In the same woman, attacks of menstrual migraine may differ from their other attacks in duration, severity, symptoms, and response to treatment. Estrogen alone is not the culprit. Hormonal fluctuations, and especially estrogen withdrawal, are thought to trigger the attack.

The whole menstrual cycle, not just your period, is associated with biological changes in your body, both physical and psychological. Sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and the physical and chemical processes that go towards producing them, all have a widespread effect on your body.

Some women are more sensitive to the fluctuations within the menstrual cycle. Studies suggest that migraines can be triggered by a drop in estrogen levels such as those which naturally occur in the time just before your period. Factors such as the release of prostaglandin (a naturally occurring fatty acid that acts in a similar way to a hormone) may also be implicated at this time.

Estrogen is often referred to as the growing hormone because of its role in the body.

Estrogen is responsible for growing and maturing the uterine lining. It matures the egg prior to ovulation. Estrogen is produced mostly by the ovaries but also in smaller amounts by the adrenal glands and in fat tissue. It is most abundant in the first half of the menstrual cycle.

If you are prone to menstrual migraines, you may experience them worsening the years before menopause (perimenopause). This manifests itself with intense hormonal fluctuations. Luckily the prevalence and intensity of migraine decrease exponentially during menopause, when menstruation ceases, and hormones cease functioning. Some 67% of sufferers experience a significant decrease during this time. Symptom improvement is dramatic for women who go through natural menopause versus surgical menopause.

If you experience menstrual migraines, the Migraine Miracle Home Care Kit with Hormone Balance essential oils can be the answer to your prayers. Kick migraines to the curb and regain your life!

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Pregnancy Massage Certification Lubbock Texas

10 months ago


Oceans Massage and Spa

12420 Quaker

Lubbock, TX. 79424


21 hours/9-5 each day

$400 tuition

Learn the safe, effective techniques that women need for a happy, healthy pregnancy!

In this workshop, students will learn:

  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Anatomical changes in the pregnant woman
  • Massaging safely and confidently with pregnant clientele
  • Basic and advanced techniques for all the pre-natal stages
  • How to assist pregnant clients safely on and off the massage table
  • Massaging in Semi-Recline and Side-lying positions
  • Causes and treatment for: sciatic pain, round ligament pain, low back and pelvis, rib constriction, calf cramps and much more.
  • Demonstration and hands on practice
  • Completion of total number of required hours and passing of both written and practical exams results in award of certification.

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Headache 360 Podcast Interview

1 years ago

So grateful for a wonderful invitation to be interviewed by Dr. Adam Lowenstein for his Headache 360 show. Thank you!



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Migraines-what type

1 years ago

Migraines - What type do you have?

When most people hear the word migraine, they think of a severe, very painful headache. What they may not know is that there are many different types of migraines, all having different symptoms. So how do you know which one you suffer from?

Let’s breakdown a few of the most common types of migraines.

Migraine without Aura

Migraine without aura is the most common type of migraine, and often is associated with a woman's menstrual cycle. Typically, people with this type of migraine have more frequent attacks and migraine attacks are more disabling than those who have migraine with aura. The symptoms range from pulsing or throbbing pain on one side of the head, pain that is worsened by physical activity, along with nausea and vomiting.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are one of the most severe types of pain that a human can experience. With cluster headaches, you may feel a burning pain around and above your eyes, at your temples, and even moving toward the back of your head. You’ll often also get red or swollen eyes, among other symptoms. Because they occur in such a large area and may provoke other symptoms, cluster headaches can be the most irritating type headache experienced and most suffered by men.

Hemiplegic Migraine

If you have ever had a migraine that felt more like a stroke, it could possibly be a Hemiplegic Migraine. Those who experience this type of migraine develop weakness on one side of the body, often with visual aura symptoms and a “pins and needles” sensation on one side of the body. It can last for as little as a few hours to several days. Similar to typical aura without headache, Hemiplegic Migraine doesn’t always include the severe head pain.

There are over 9 common migraines, these three being the most common experienced. Whether you suffer from Cluster Headaches, a Hemiplegic Migraine or the most common, Migraine without Aura - Migraine Miracle is here to help!

Migraine Miracle uses Cold Stone Therapy and Aromatherapy to reduce, if not eliminate Migraines all-together. The inhalation of essential oils stimulates the brain’s limbic system. As a result, the brain releases chemicals, causing you to feel better. Performing specific pressure point massage in conjunction with aromatherapy may result in relaxation and have a calming effect.

For more information on Migraine Micale and why it works visit our website.

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